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The lack of a proper Inventory Report, and subsequent comprehensive independent Check-Out Report, can cause huge problems at the end of a Tenancy. No Inventory and/or Check-Out Reports (or inadequate Reports) means little or no proof of check in condition and therefore little or no chance of a Landlord winning any dispute should a Tenant not leave a property in a fair state of condition or cleanliness.

 Landlords often find themselves with hundreds of pounds worth of damage to rectify, and several hours of cleaning to carry out, which they have to pay for themselves due to an inadequate Inventory and/or Check-Out process.  Similarly Tenants often find themselves being charged for items that were already damaged, not present in the property, or not clean when they moved in.

A common comment from Landlords is ‘the property is unfurnished, there is nothing to put on the inventory’.  Just think about the cost of replacing a kitchen worktop, a damaged oven, a chipped hand basin, a hole in a door, a broken window, a hole in a wall, a ripped curtain, etc.  The majority of our clients have unfurnished properties; as an example a typical 2 bedroom unfurnished Inventory Report is around 25 pages long. 

However small or large a property is, and to whatever level of furnishing it may be, a proper Inventory Report is vital, combined with a comprehensive and independent Check-Out Report when the Tenancy ends.  Tenants are well aware of their right to invoke a dispute, any many do for sums as low as £30 according to the Deposit Protection Schemes.  If a dispute goes to the relevent Deposit Protection Scheme a detailed and clear Inventory Report, and Check-Out Report, is essential.

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