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Adept House LogoFloor PlansFrom £40.00

Standard Floor PlanColour Floor Plan
3D Floor Plan

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We are able to customise any of our floor plans to meet your requirements or branding, to include:

  • Addition of watermark behind floor plan
  • Addition or removal of disclaimer
  • Customisation of disclaimer or other wording
  • Dimensions displayed or hidden
  • Choice of floor plan image size and file format
  • Choice of colouration for specific room types

 * All floor plans are emailed within
48 hours of survey *


As with all our services special business client rates are available and if this service is carried out with another (such as an EPC) the price is further reduced.


We can also create a floor plan from your sketch, scale drawing or an existing floor plan; price from £15


Please email us at for more information or to place a booking.  Alternatively use our Quotation page...