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Adept House LogoEnergy Performance Certificates (EPC)From £50.00

Residential properties marketed for Sale OR Rental in the UK must have an EPC in place.  This type of EPC lasts for 10 years, and can be used as many times as required within that period.

An EPC provides an energy efficiency rating for a specific property together with estimated energy costs, a summary of the property's energy related features, and recomendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of the property including Green Deal information.

To create an EPC for your property an assessment will be carried out at the property, lasting on average 60 minutes.  This involves taking notes relating to the construction and energy related facets of the property.  Where possible, we will also view any loft spaces as well as creating a brief floor plan of the property.  For audit purposes digital photographs will be taken of specific parts of the property which relate to energy efficiency.  Please note that this is purely a ’visual’ assessment and no energy related items, such as the heating system or lighting, are tested.  Calculations are then carried out back at our offices and your EPC is created, and lodged on the Landmark Registry system, within 24 hours of the property assessment.  Your EPC is emailed to you as a PDF document which can be viewed, saved, printed, or forwarded to your Sale or Letting Agent.

The EPC should be made available to prospective Purchasers or Tenants at the earliest opportunity (ideally within 7 days of first marketing), and at the latest within 28 days of first marketing or before entering into any contract (whichever comes sooner).  It is therefore important to book your EPC as soon as possible and preferably prior to marketing of your property.

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful when booking your EPC.  Many companies quote a price which does not include all the necessary 'lodgement' fees, and many companies subcontract the assessment which can result in a significant delay in receiving your EPC.  Our quoted prices are fully inclusive and we do not subcontract any work to other companies.  The price above applies to most standard properties up to and including 5 bedrooms in size...

Might I already have an EPC?

If you bought your property after early 2008, or your property was built since early 2008, there should already be an EPC in existence.  Likewise if your property has had a new Tenancy since October 2008, there should be an EPC in existence. 

You can retrieve your EPC by clicking here and following the instructions, using your property post code to retrieve the EPC.









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