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All rental properties should have a professional, and independent, Check-Out carried out at the end of a Tenancy period. This ensures that a fair, unbiased and accurate report detailing the differences between the property at time of Check-In, and Check-Out, is available to be used as a basis for any deposit deductions.

This report should contain a full and balanced assessment of the property, including items added and missing, general information for the Landlord, dilapidations which are ‘fair, wear and tear’, and dilapidations which may warrant either rectification at the Tenant’s expense (i.e. repair or replacement) or compensation to the Landlord. The report should also contain a full cleaning breakdown, and other information such as keys returned, meter readings, security issues, heating status, and functionality of smoke and other detectors.  If a Tenant and Landlord/Agent cannot come to agreement on deposit deductions, and the case is passed to one of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes, or as a last resort goes to Court, it is vital that a proper Check-Out Report (and Inventory Report) is provided. If the documentation is missing, or is deemed inadequate or unfair, it is highly likely that monies will be awarded in favour of the Tenant.

Our Check-Out Reports are extremely detailed and accurate, clearly laid out and comparable to the ingoing Inventory Report, fairly categorised based upon our 14 year experience in the industry and necessary ARLA and AIIC guidelines, and are worded and phrased to not only be admissible evidence in a court of law, but also to be used by tenancy deposit schemes. A sample Check-Out Report can be viewed by clicking the link on the right of this page.

To create a Check-Out Report we attend the relevant property at end of tenancy (this is usually the day after the last day of tenancy).  We inspect the property and dictate a report as detailed above.  Photographs are taken and included in the report where appropriate.  To the best of our ability we ensure that the property is safe and secure before leaving.  The assessment usually takes between 1.5 and 4 hours depending on  property size.  The dictation is downloaded at our office in Whiteparish, and is then typed into a report by our in-house typist.  The completed report is then emailed to the Landlord/Agent approximately 36 hours from the time of property assessment.

Sample Check-Out Report:

Check Out Sample

Updated Inventory Reports:

For a small additional charge our Inventory Report can then be updated from the Check-Out Report ready for the next Tenants; there is no need to revisit the property therefore saving time and money.

Alternatively, if works have been carried out on the property between tenancies, a property visit can be made at a reduced fee.


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