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A ‘Check-In’ involves running through the Inventory Report with a Tenant, or their representative, to obtain agreement with its contents, making any necessary and reasonable amendments. This will include accurate recording of the state of cleanliness of the property at the time of moving in, together with number of keys provided and meter readings. It is also an opportunity to note any issues the tenant may have with the property which the Landlord may need to rectify during the tenancy period, or any questions the Tenant may have for the Landlord regarding the use of the property. 

Please note that Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are also tested using their test function as part of the check-in process, as well as noting the presence of Gas Safety Certificates and other relevant documentation.

Different Inventory Companies have different processes but at Adept Property Services we only carry out a Check-In using a ‘clean’ Inventory Report. Therefore Check-Ins we carry out follow either a new Inventory Report creation, or an Inventory Report update based on a recent check-out. We are able to carry out a Check-In using another companies Inventory Report as long as we feel the report meets certain standards (generally a company with membership of the ‘AIIC’ will produce sufficient reports).

A ‘Check-In’ is an important part of the Inventory process but unlike production of a proper Inventory Report, and creation of a corresponding independent and detailed Check-Out Report, it is not essential. As long as a Tenant is provided with the Inventory Report, understands the report and is given adequate time to check the report and make any changes or additions they feel necessary, and then agrees to the report, the actual process to get this done is relatively flexible. Therefore many of our clients, both private Landlords and Letting Agents, carry out the Check-In themselves either in person or by giving the Tenant the report to check, amend and sign, and then return within a certain time frame.


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